About us


Hey! we're Vânia and Rodrigo,a husband and wife team, and we enjoy documenting really love stories.


Some of you already knew our work as Rodrigo Silva Photography, because photography was always the Rodrigo's passion, while Vânia preferred watercolors and brushes. But Rodrigo's passion for photography had an affect on Vânia, and they began to photograph weddings together, until they decided to make it official and assume that after all, photography is a passion for both.

That's how we became The Brave Native.

And why The Brave Native?

Because we always liked the name, and we always said that when we decided to take on both of us as photographers, that would be the name of our team, our tribe.

Why do we decide to join in the same project?

Rodrigo studied photography and his career has always been as photographer. Vânia studied Arts, graduated in Interior Design and in the last years dedicated more to the Illustration. Because Rodrigo's technique and Vânia's artistic vision result in beautiful photos and full of emotion, and especially because we love working together.

Why wedding photography?

Because we believe in marriage and family.